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Currently, I am only offering teleconsultations. 

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Testimonies about Qigong

I also wanted to thank you for your continuous support. I imagine you have your share of struggles as well, but you do put out a calming vibe, compassion, empathy and positivity, so I think you chose your new profession well!  IM

I seem to have a bit of arthritis in a couple of my spinal vertebrae, and when it hurts, I tend to stoop, which of course I shouldn’t do.  The exercises seem both to open my lungs and help with the pain. I try doing the exercises while I’m walking....nobody is ever around where we go for our walks, so I can do whatever I like.  The dog gives me strange looks, though...  DT


I can’t say enough about Jan.  She is incredibly knowledgeable  about her work and dedicated to it.  I do Qigong with her twice a week and it’s a great experience. It includes relaxing work for the whole body and she takes one through the experience thoroughly, lovingly and relaxingly. 

And I also work with her twice a week with leg work because of a bad knee and the results are very promising. It’s a method of self massage and terrific.  Don’t hesitate!!  AW


My allergies are less when I do these regularly. MD


I started working with Jan because I had put on some significant amount of weight over a 12 month period, and despite my current best efforts, I was unable to find the motivation to shift it. Through working with her I was able to connect with my body again and not tackle everything with my mind. I could start to appreciate my organs and what a tremendous job they do for me. This helped me to be a lot kinder to myself and how I approach working with my body. The Qigong exercises I did with Jan and the practices that she gave me were short and effective, which was perfect to fit into my busy lifestyle. Jan was a wealth of knowledge and was always full of great tips and insights. TS



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