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Qigong is a gentle and balancing ancient Chinese movement and breath practice (sample videos below). 

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Welcome to this 5 Week Qigong Rejuvenation for Women. Classes will be online via ZOOM on Sundays 930am EST   May on 4, 11, 18, 25, and June 1st.  All classes are recorded and can be downloaded.

As women, we tend to nurture everyone else, and we are last on the list.  We become tired and haggard. We dry out and sag.   Chinese medicine and Daoism doesn't see that painful periods and a distraught menopause are the normal state of a woman's life.  When we are able to regulate the blood, body and mind, with diet, lifestyle and of course qigong, then, our periods can be relatively pain free.  Likewise, the changes with menopause are not considered inevitable time of impossible night sweats and drying, but a instead a new freer time of increased creativity and spirituality --- a woman's  "second spring."  

In this 5-week series, we will tonify and nurture our body, mind and spirits!  We will meet via Zoom at 930am EST   May on 4, 11, 18, 25, and June 1st.


I will guide you through daily practices to tonify our face  and neck, as well as Daoist practices to bring health to our breasts and womb.  We'll do some shaking and tapping to release areas of physical and emotional stagnation and engage our respiratory and muscular systems to improve blood and lymph flow.  Finally, I will teach you a beautiful

qigong flow called Circling the 3 Moons .  This is a classic practice for women in China many believe to improve longevity, wellbeing, and regulation of all things female, including weight.


Minimum suggested Payment: $70CAN  ($14/class)

A few Qigong Videos for General Health

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