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New Qigong Platform / And Tips for Nourishing Kidney Energy

We have within us a power that can push the organism to the actualization of all its potentialities. This is the essential vitality from the kidneys.

Hello everyone!

I have not written in quite awhile. Life has been moving in many ways: from moving up to Toronto, Canada in June of 2020, to reconfiguring how I do life, to my daughter giving birth to a beautiful little boy on December 6, 2021. I was joyed to attend the birth and it was a magical privilege. To prepare to be at the birth, I took a Doula training which led me to a classmate who created an awesome online platform for giving classes like Qigong (she teaches yoga).

So many folks are quitting Facebook and social media, and so, I have a new platform I'd like to invite you to visit at : . And, it isn't ZOOM!!!!

Here, I teach qigong in live and recorded sessions as well as workshops. I'm currently giving a 7 week hybrid workshop blending the gratitude practice of the sun ceremony with qigong which are complementary and nature-based paradigms. (Each class you could still join if interested).

I invite you to give the site a look. Here is a Winter/Water/Kidney flow, and as we are in winter in the Northern Hemisphere and it is particularly relevant (although, the flows are beneficial anytime!!!) See

If you'd like to practice regularly, there is a monthly $15 "membership" option to access any on-demand or live class.

A little about Winter which is the Water Element in Chinese Medicine and our Governed by our Kidneys

The water element in Chinese Medicine corresponds to the kidney and its related meridians. The most important thing I wish to share with you is that the kidneys are particularly impacted by overwork, and are easily damaged by cold and damp which is significant in winter months (and even if summer and you are swimming in cold waters). So, overexposure to a cold climate can have a draining effect on the Kidneys. Be aware of sitting on cold concrete and walking on a cold floor. Just notice. I realized I was getting cold feet from my just barely cool floor last winter and I was chilled inside out. When I warmed up, my plantar fasciitis finally healed.

In winter months, the Kidneys become more active in individuals who already possess strong Kidney Qi, but become deficient in those with weak Kidney Qi. The Kidneys are injured by irregular sleep patterns, fear, excessive caffeine, sex (mostly excessive ejaculation by men), drugs, alcohol, or smoking. During this season, the excess consumption of salty or Cold foods has a draining effect on the Kidneys.

It is the seasonal time of winter, the color of blue-black, related to health of our bones, our energy and sexual energy. The Kidney's positive psycho-emotional attributes are wisdom, rationality, clear perception, gentleness, and self-understanding. It's negative attributes are fear, loneliness, insecurity, and shock (which attacks the Heart then descends into the Kidneys). When the Kidneys are in a state of disharmony, the patient can sometimes be driven to a state of obsessive-compulsive working habits or excessive and extreme exertion and physical activity. Such activities can deplete our kidney's essential energy.

An individual with weak Kidneys can lack strength, endurance, confidence, and will power. The kidneys house our vital energy, sexual energy (or lack of).

So the Water/Winter Qigong flow is intended to strengthen our kidney power: promo code: V100-EKlDcr


In practice and partnership


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