Acupuncture is the use of very fine needles, not much thicker than a strand of hair, to send signals to the body and brain to restore the balance in the body and mind that leads to pain, or dis-ease.  The needles are not at all like the large needles used for flu shots or drawing blood.  The sensation is often described as a dull ache or slight tingling sensation.  Many people can feel the flow of warmth or slight sensation emanating from the needled point.  Although most people, even those not liking "needles" tolerate acupuncture very well, it is possible to use acupressure, or other modalities to achieve some movement.



You have probably seen cupping during the Olympics as many athletes now receive this modality to reduce pain from cold and damp conditions. 


Gua Sha

GuaSha is a tool used to move stagnant blood and qi esecially in cases of catching a cold.  You know that achy feeling you get when you first get sick?  Using GuaSha to gently move the fluids down the neck and upper back can be super useful for moving the common cold along and out of the body




“Receiving acupuncture from Jan has been a great experience. As a full time graduate student working 25 plus hours a week, Acupuncture has allowed me to clear my mind and relax. Jan has also taught me amazing meditation techniques that have helped in times of sickness. As someone who suffers from anxiety and hyperhidrosis, my quality of life has improved due to Jan's treatments. Thanks Jan!.”

Acupressure and Tuina

Acupressure is simply using the fingers to stimulate acupuncture points instead of needles.  And, Tuina is a special form of Chinese massage that focuses along the meridian pathways. 


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