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1st Visit

At the moment, I am only offering Zoom online Qigong and health wellness consultations. 

The first part of the 1st visit is 90 minutes and I will explore with you your health goals, your concerns and conditions, and doing a physical examination.  The physical exam is a bit different than when you see your Western trained doctor and is based on the theories of Chinese medicine.  I ask you for a photo of your tongue (like your dentist does but with a different view point).  I will discuss your  treatment plan, "dosage", and give you your 1st treatment which will a mix of qigong, breathwork, accupressure, and meditations.

Follow up Visits

Follow up  treatments are variable depending on your needs.  In the inital support period, I may work with you for more frequent but shorter appointments of 15 minutes to go through the qigong and other prescriptions with you or tweak what I've given you.  Then as those space out, we might have a check in for 1 hour and will include checking in with you about progress and augmenting the prescriptions given you.



"I feel the treatments are based on my individual needs and a unique plan for me.  It relaxes me when the needles are inserted into various points and some needles are retained longer than others.  During this time I can feel my body making adjustments to restore balance, harmony, and vitality.  After a treatment, I feel relaxed, calmer, and more at ease. For a while afterward, I can feel my body adjust to the changes.

"Jan has experienced the transformation results of Acupuncture and is passionate about sharing the amazing benefits of this medicine with others."

"I would say that the most drastic changes were the increased comfort in my right knee, hip, and foot and as a result feeling more balanced. I was able to complete a marathon without any lingering joint pain, which traditionally plagues me after long runs. In addition, I have an overall awareness to mindfully increase my liquid intake and the tools to do so."

"Receiving acupuncture from Jan has been a great experience. As a full time graduate student working 25 plus hours a week, Acupuncture has allowed me to clear my mind and relax. Jan has also taught me amazing meditation techniques that have helped in times of sickness. As someone who suffers from anxiety and hyperhidrosis, my quality of life has improved due to Jan's treatments. Thanks Jan!


Payment Philosopy

2020 finds us in extraordinary times and many have lost income.  I am accepting what you can donate IF you feel benefit, as was the practice of the revered ancient physician, Dong Feng. If you cannot pay, I ask you do something for someone when you have the chance: read a story to someone, spend a few extra minutes with someone in need. You'll know

Click here to read about Dong Feng and the Apricot Forest and how he "charged" his patients. 

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