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Daoist Vital Energy Practices for Women

Author: Jan Bull, LA.C


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Daoist Vital Energy Practices for Women is a course to enhance the health of women and individuals in a female body* through nurturing vital energy as it pertains to a female’s energetic uniqueness. Sadly, many women I have worked with over the years, are depleted in this foundational essence of energy. Depletion can come from overwork, unresolved emotions and worry, food that is not warming or adequately nutritious for the individual, menstruation, childbirth, and aging.  It is necessary to begin here with our body, to cultivate our vital energy for living a vibrant, healthy life of creativity and a good relationship with ourselves, others and our sexuality.

The course ($75) contains a complete set of practices and associated qigong and meditation videos.

Topic areas include: 


  • Why I'm Doing this Work


  • Introduction to Vital Energy


  • What is Qigong?


  • Two Key Acupressure Points to Move Qi and Regulate Menstrual Pain and Uterus in General


  •  Depletion and Restoring Kidney Energy


  • Nurturing yourself with Breath, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Sleep


  • The Heart: A Woman’s Energetic Center


  • Sexual-Organ Health and General Health


  • Nurturing Your Breasts, Ovaries and Womb


  • Fanning the Fire of our  Sexual Energy

*A note about gendered terms: I use the term “woman” not to represent a gender but a human in a female body including associated hormones and physical attributes of breasts, ovaries, a vagina, and a uterus (whether these organs have been surgically removed or augmented).

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